Commercial Maxi Load T-600 Washer (Model Model WCAD40KCS-12)

Dexter washers are engineered for the laundry owner demanding greater efficiency, performance and programming capabilities. Available with coin drop, programmable electronic drop or Easy CardTM. Easy Programming. Large Loading Door. Emergency Stop Button.

Commercial Design

  • Save water with “sump free” design
  • 304 Stainless Steel keeps Dexter washers looking good
  • Heavy-duty Sur-Coat Frame is built to last like a battleship
  • Over-sized bearings and seals run smooth and add to machine life

VFD Technology

  • Reduce installation cost by using single or three phase power
  • Extend motor life by ramping current inrush
  • Save electricity with lower running amperage draw
  • Lower electricity demand by eliminating spike usage

100 G-Force Extraction

  • Save drying energy with 100 G-Force extraction
  • Enhance customer turnover with better washer and dryer performance
  • Achieve consistent results throughout all washer sizes

Powerful Controls

  • Palm OS® with built-in infrared port
  • Save programming time using a handheld computer running optional Palm OS® software
  • Easily customize pricing, cycles, water temps, supply inputs and more
  • Offer plus cycle, time of day, and tiered pricing
  • Network capable with included communication port

Customer Friendly Design

  • Large, easy to use door for convenient loading and unloading
  • Easy-to-read digital display including cycle time remaining information
  • Soft touch cycle selection buttons with temperature icons
  • Ultra-quiet machine operation improves the laundry environment
Load Size Maxi Load
Dry Weight Capacity 40 - 45 lbs. 18.2-20.4 kg
Cylinder Diameter 25” 63.5 cm
Cylinder Depth 21.13” 53.7 cm
Cylinder Volume 6 cu ft 170.1 dm3
Cabinet Height 49.75” 126.37 cm
Cabinet Width 29.88” 75.88 cm
Overall Depth 36” 91.44 cm
Floor to Door Bottom 16” 40.64 cm
Door Opening 15.25” 38.74 cm
High Extract Speed 100 G-Force 532 RPM
Intermediate Extract Speed 60 G-Force 412 RPM
Washing Speed 50 RPM
Motor Size 2 HP 1.5 Kw
Electrical Phase Single or Three
Electrical Voltage (60 Hz) 208-240 volts
Electrical Running (Amps) 6.2
Circuit Protection (Amps) 20 amp
Electrical Wire Size 12 gauge
Electrical Service (Single Phase) 2 wire + ground
Electrical Service (Three Phase) 3 wire + ground
Average Water Usage 43 gal 162.76 L
Maximum Hot Water Usage 18 gal 68.13 L
Water Inlet Size 3/4” 19mm
Water Flow Rate (per minute) 9 gal 34.06 L
Water Pressure (min/max) 30-130 psi 207-896 Kpa
Drain Diameter (O.D.) 3” 7.62 cm
Floor to Center of Drain 5” 12.7 cm
Net Weight 631 lbs 286.2 kg
Clearance Between Machines 1/2” (min) 1.27 cm
Clearance Behind Machines 24” (min) 60.96 cm
Concrete Thickness 6” 15.24 cm