ESD MoneyCard System™

For Card Operated Laundry, Route, Multi-housing and Vending Applications

The self-service laundry industry established a foothold in this country in the 1950's and over the next 40 years it has experienced tremendous growth and acceptance by a broad cross section of the population. For those critics who contend that this is a billion dollar per year fully mature industry, smart card operating systems offer an exciting new avenue for growth.

What is smart card? A smart card looks like a credit card, it's the same size and made of plastic, but instead of a magnetic stripe on the back it has a miniature computer chip embeded on the front. This chip is capable of storing more information and is far more secure than magnetic strips, it is also possible to both read and write information to the chip. Because of this, smart cards are capable of performing many more functions.

For years, banks and telephone companies throughout Europe, Asia and South America have used smart cards. While the technology is relatively new in the US, smart cards are beginning to show up everywhere. Many colleges have installed smart card systems for all types of on campus purchases; major credit card companies and several department store chains have recently introduced smart cards.

In a laundry application smart cards work like this: The customer purchases a smart card, or as ESD calls them, MoneyCards, from a machine and then loads monetary value onto the card through the same device. ESD calls this machine a Value Transfer Machine, or a VTM, and there are different models with differing capabilities available. After purchasing the card, the customer can put a $1, $10, or @20 bill into the VTM and it will write a corresponding value onto the computer chip.

Next the customer will insert their smart card into a special device mounted on every machine in the laundry that ESD cals a CardSlide. Each time they do this, the machine deducts the carge for the use of that machine from the balance on the MoneyCard and starts the machine. When the MoneyCard is out of value, the customer returns to the VTM and adds more value to repeat the cycle.

For a laundry owner, the benefits of an ESD MoneyCard System are numerous. First, there is total accountability. An ESD MoneyCard System will keep an electronic record of all transactions and revenues that can only be retrieved by an authorized person. An authorized person with a Super Management Card can even go directly to the VTM in the store and display revenue information instantly. Information can be collected from each machine int he laundry by inserting a management card into each CardSlide. This information is then laded into the LLMS software in your home computer, and reports can be printed that will display vast amounts of information in several formats. Upgrading the software and the hardware to the next level, allows access to all this information by modem from your home computer.

Beyond accountability there are many other operator benefits with the ESD MoneyCard System. There are no coin changers to fill or service and no huge sum of money tied up in the changers. There is no time consuming collecting; vandalism to machines is virtually eliminated because there is no money in the machine to attract thieves. And ESD MoneyCard System builds loyalty to your store. In the event a customer claims to have lost money in a VTM, each VTM has ESD's patented DataTrac™ technology, which enables the store owner or manager to track transactions at the VTM by card serial number and date and time. With the DataTrac feature each VTM holds over 5,000 transactions. DataTrac is built into each CardSlide unit as well for total control.

With an ESD MoneyCard System the possibilities for promotion are unlimited. It is feasible to have special pricing based on the time of day, or day of the week. It is possible to set pricing in penny increments, and it is possible to have up to five idfferent categories of customers such as senior citizens, or students. Cards can be personalized to your location. ESD manufactures MoneyCards with its own ultra modern machinerery allowing ESD to provide the highest security, service, quality and more competitive pricing on Smart Cards.

Customers like an ESD MoneyCard System too. They like the fact that a MoneyCard will help them budget. With a MoneyCard, customers feel far more secure than carrying cash. Customers like the idea that they can make a single insertion to start even the largest machines rather than fumbling with handfulls of quarters.

From both the perspective of both the operator and the customer, and ESD MoneyCard System is a pleasure to operate.

In an ESD MoneyCard System, the individual card readers installed on each machine do not have to be connected in order to function. Every component in the system is fully operational as a stand-alone unit. All information can be collected from each card reader in the laundry and VTMs using management audit cards. The data can then be downloaded from the manaagement cards into a computer to print out reports.

Mega 2000 Network

Although the basic stand-alone system is readable, simple and cost effective method of operating an electronic payment system, ESD has developed other methods ot make the information collection process in a laundry more efficient. Each of these thechniques is referred to as "networking". The first level of networking involves equipping the VTMs with special software and a modem. This Mega 2000 VTM, throguth the ESD Network Controller, can then become the receptacle fo rtall of the information that is collected from the machines in the store using the management audit cards.

The VTMs can be set-up and monitored from your home PC. Data collection from each machine can be achieved by an attendant utilizing ESD Super Audit Management cards, the audit cards can then be inserted into the VTM and the data will be uploaded to the VTMs memory. Becuase it is equipped with a modem, this data can now be sent through the ESD Network Controller to the LLMS software in a home computer over phonelines.

Using these management cards, the operator can find out how many turns each individual washer or dryer has made, and how much income each machine has brought in. Once the information is in the computer, reports can be set up to run daily, weekly or monthly; the information can even be automatically set to be retrieved in the middle of the night and be available first thing int he morning. Price specials for washers and dryers can also be set-up using management cards. The ESD Mega 2000 VTM Network is the most economical and efficient way to manage your laundry remotely.

Also, through the unique serial number on each ESD MoneyCard, a Mega 2000 VTM Network System can track the activity of each individual customer. With the addition of the new ESD CyberWash Customer Care Center, customer name and address information can be registered thereby opening up numerous promotional possibilities.

Mega 3000 Network

The next level of networking requires all of the machines in thelaundry to be hardwired together. The information is sent to a network controller in the laundry through the cabling. Using this form of networking, the store owner can find out how many turns each individual washer or dryer has made, and how much income each machine has brought in, and also change vend prices on washers and dryers as well as VTM setup information, all from a remote computer. In the event that the Network Controller or home PC malfunctions, the individual VTMs, washers and dryers will still function properly, and all information will be saved until the malfunction is corrected.

Please contact Advanced Laundry Systems for exact specifications for all of ESD's MoneyCard System componants to determine which product platform is right for you.